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From Dragonflies To Butterflies....

  Art is a way to share the energy , to depict a state , a crisis , a feeling with colours, to share the message of love and positivity. The human mind is blessed with several strengths,  we can paint anything on the canvas of our minds , despite the parlous and precarious state of our reality . The original artist Shamsia Hassani,  created this art , with the backgrounds in dark colours, and  tanks  showing the dark state her country Afghanistan has fallen into,and a girl wearing the badge saying وطن ،means home country, and the dragonflies flying around her, about which she shared  " Dragonfly is a symbol of hope and happiness, it teaches us to love life and be happy amidst difficulties " Decades of war has destroyed the infrastructure and life ,above all the worst consequences of war is" the death of hope ". When a nation begins to lose their ability to hope for change and see the light, but continue to slipping  away into the darkness. To continue this messag
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The Believers Struggle Each day

 Turn to Allah , before you return to Allah,  this world is not forever,  learn your ownself,  your being , your temperaments. Open your heart and soul,  let others feel the happiness and see the light.....

Hijab In Australian Parliament

Your modesty and choice to cover yourself never hinders your way , if you stand your ground and continue to be yourself.  A refugee from Afghanistan, 27-year-old, Fatima Payman, has become the first hijab-wearing woman to win a Senate seat in Western Australia. 

The Spiritual Disability

  Do  not be among those who are lost and make others lose their way aswell , do not be the one who closes the doors of hope in Allah . We humans have a tendency to misguide others. When the promise of Allah is forgiveness despite our million mistakes. Hamza Yusuf has shared some soul touching truths for us to remember,  a good reminder of a believer for the believers.


  The silence and indifference of the world towards the ravaging state of Afghanistan is nerve wracking,  june 21 , 2022 .... we're ashamed of our defending silence and indifference towards the people we have been disappointing for two decades...

Sewing Lips to Scream Louder

  When you’ve no choice but to fight for your rights , to exist on a land , to call a place your home , you’ve to  seal your lips to scream louder  . A group of asylum seekers and immigrants are reported protesting in Monterry with sewn lips, despite the fact that they’ve the visas , they’re not allowed to travel, they choose death over staying in a place where they do not feel safe.

Zionists Terrorism In Jenin

  Zionists killed  3 semitic Palestinians in Jenin  , after they shot 4 Palestinians sitting inside a car on June 17 , 1 of them is reported injured according to Palestinian news agency Wafa, and 3 others are martyred, their names are Baraa Lahlouh (24), Yusuf Salah (23) and Laith Abu Suroor (24). This is a continuing Zionists terrorism in Palestine,  they martyr semetic Palestinians and justify it with lies about “terrorism” , the pot calling the cattle black.How can they make the world forget that their existence on Palestinians land is already an act of terrorism,  their armed to teeth presence on natives land is breaking the international law. Their terroristic attacks are increasing in Jenin , Zionists trying hard to terrorise the Palestinians living there.